I was filtering through my records today and ran across an event that we held in 2014 for Business owners and families.   The above chart is a snap shot of projections for 2015 post ACA or ObamaCare.

Wow if we could only roll back those prices for today.

So, in just 4 years we will see a 200 to 250% increase in our premiums.

In some states and counties folks won’t have a choice but to pick up a short term medical, Faith Based plan or self insure.    My prediction, a vast majority of people who are not going to receive a tax subsidy for their premiums will go self insure in the individual marketplace.

Another prediction is businesses are going to jump on the Self Funded market space.  Today, we are getting 2015 rates for most of our business owners.

Here is an excerpt of the rates Post 2015 for groups and individuals.  Post 2015






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