VA Health Care and Medicare

VA Health Care

VA Health Care and Medicare There is a lot to consider when you are signing up for VA Health Care.  One consideration is carrying other eligible insurance, such as Medicare. VA Health Care If you have VA coverage and are eligible for Medicare, you’re not required to enroll in Part B.  When you look at […]

Veterans Affairs Health Care

Veterans Affairs Health Care

Veterans Affairs Health Care Transitioning from the military to civilian life is challenging enough, you should not have to worry about healthcare as well.  VHP can help show you the way by helping you with Veterans Affairs Health Care. Veterans Administration Health Care We all know federal programs have a tendency to be complicated and confusing.  […]

Extra Help from Medicare | Melbourne Fl

Extra Help from Medicare Verus Health Partners can help you determine if you are eligible for extra help from Medicare based on your income and other factors. Medicare Extra Help If you are struggling with Medicare costs or deductibles and you meet certain criteria, there may be extra financial help available to you.  Read on […]

Drug Price Increases

Drug Price Increase

This is one of Keith’s pet peeves. So, why do drug prices keep going up?  The Common Wealth Fund listed 10 major problems: High launch prices and high annual increases for patented brand-name drugs. Brand-name drugs, with Orphan Drug Act market exclusivities, are introduced with high launch prices and experience high annual price increases. Some […]