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Changing the Healthcare landscape.

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Employee Benefits

Offering competitive employee benefits helps you retain your talent longer.

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RX Solutions

For Businesses, State and Local public sectors. who are combating RX spending dollars. 

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Consultation and Audits

For Businesses who are ready to take control of their Healthcare dollars for their companies and employees.


Working for your company's future

We are changing the HealthCare Landscape by taking advantage of today’s game changing trends and technology, coupled with education and advocacy to reach the ultimate goal of establishing wise consumers.  We work with both large and small companies, from 5 to 5000 employees.

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Supporting your business needs

VHP is not your status quo. We have conducted our research, followed the industry trends and success stories in the private and public sectors on Self Funded/Level Funded Health Plans. We are fully confident in our abilities to help control your healthcare costs, without sacraficing quality healthcare and access. 

Our Top Industry Partners

Selman Co

Selman & Company is our top choice in the Tricare Supplement space.   Like many healthcare plans, filling the gaps is important to keep your cost down.   Matched with the proper Tricare health plan, all you have to worry about is getting better.  

If you are a business owner and want to help your Tricare employees, you can take advantage of the tax savings at no cost to you and offering it to your employees can benefit too with pretax dollars.   It’s a win win for the business and the employee.  

Call Keith or Pam today and they will show you how it works.

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Boon Group

Boon Group is our top choice when it comes to employers who are under Davis-Bacon Act, Service Control Act and Living Wage contract rules. 

Understanding the complexity of fringe benefits is imperative to keep your company in the good graces of Local, State and Federal agencies.  

A company must also prepare and account for it in the proposal process, implementation and administration. 


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Self-funded/Level-funded Benefits

Today more than 57% of companies in the United States self-fund/level-funded benefits for their employees. Ideal for companies with a healthy workforce, self-funded benefits provide healthcare coverage to employees through a plan that you, the employer, manage, with healthcare claims paid through a fund that you create. Self-funded benefits are made possible through the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).


We understand what is driving the root of health care costs through our advanced dashboard technology that mines claim data in order to:
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