This week we are going to share two back to back.  Series 3 & 4 on the topic:

“How to Help your Business.”

So far we have learned from Series 1 & 2:

  • “How to fix our Premiums”  Series 1
  • “What a CFO should be looking for.”  Series 1
  • “Why Don’t Health Insurance Companies Lower Premiums?”  Series 2
  • “Who’s Really Minding the Back of the Store?”  Series 2


Here is Series 3:  (click images below to play and/or click on the link)

Spreadsheeting The Health Care Plan Again, Really?

Give Me An Example of Discounts

Here is Series 4: (click images below to play and/or click the link)

Are We Asking The Right Questions?

Deception Behind Network Of Discounts


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