About Verus Health Partners

When you are looking for insurance Companies on the Space Coast and Florida Panhandle, contact Verus Health Partners.  We advocate for you on your behalf.

Brevard Health Care

Who we are

Authentic and Transparent

Our Mission is to change the Healthcare Landscape through transparency and education. We believe everyone should have access to the proper levels of coverage.

What we do

Healthcare Advocates
Our object is to band back control to Business owners and consumers to the cost of Healthcare with choices. Our focus is on Veteran Benefits and Medicare options.
Brevard Health Care

Our History

Company Established

Ten years ago, business owners came to Verus Insurance Partners (VIP) to address the rising costs of health care for their companies. As health care reform evolved over the years, so did VIP.



Evolving to Legislation

In an effort to meet the Affordable Care Act issues at hand, Verus Health Partners was formed to combat the arduous demands on today’s business owners, seniors and individuals/families.

Continued advocation

For the last ten years, Verus Heath Partners have separated themselves from the rest of the insurance companies in Melbourne Fl. We advocate both on the state and federal levels on behalf of all citizens, not just out clients.


What we value

All Verus Health Partners agents are professional and personable.  We strive to ensure you have the best experience with us as possible, so you feel confident referring us to friends and family.  We are happy to meet you both in our offices, or at a location convenient for you.

Our goal is to ensure all of our clients are educated on all of the option available to them. Because we are an independent insurance agency, we have access to multiple carriers and never try to sell one product over another. We want you to leave feeling that all of your options were thoroughly explained, and the right choice was made based on your particular situation.
We believe in being truly authentic with clients and the community. We never try to be someone or something that we are not in both our personal and professional lives.

We feel the insurance industry as a whole is very difficult to navigate and make sure every interaction you have with our agents is totally transparent.  We always want you to feel you know what is happening, what your options are, and that we are truly advocating on your behalf.  Regardless of whether you are looking to sign up for Medicare, check on your Veteran Benefits, or have another insurance need, we can help!

VHP Brokers

When you work with a VHP broker you get the added value of having a researcher, educator, and advocate on your team.
Insurance Companies in Melbourne Fl

Research – The study of technology, integration, and innovation in today’s market.

Educate – Embracing technology, integration and innovation.

Advocate – Strategically planning for the future.

They are a professional and knowledgeable staff. They will also help augment human resource departments by providing benefits communication materials, full enrollment support and up-to-date compliance assistance.

VHP’s objective is to take advantage of industry trends and new technology in their plan designs through analytics and transparency. Their goal is to control costs and involve employees in smart consumerism. All plan designs have large networks, quality care, choice of coverage and ACA compliance.

Our Medicare clients receive personalized attention, one on one education, and a variety of choices that meets their needs. VHP also offers assistance in the individual/family health insurance marketplace. The agency offers a unique blend of healthcare models and services which provides small to medium sized businesses with large corporate-style benefits in an affordable way.

The agency’s product portfolio not only offers all the big, well-known insurance companies, it includes many quality lesser-known companies which can be much more affordable. In addition, VHP offers a number of exclusive products which are not available through other agencies. These programs can offer better coverage, lower cost, and/or easier participation requirements which give smaller employers access to programs that would otherwise not be possible to offer their employees.

Great employees are an important key to business success; benefits are an investment in them, their productivity, and their good will. Verus Health Partners will work with you to maximize the return on that investment by helping you offer competitive benefit programs to your employees.  When you are looking for Insurance Companies in Melbourne Fl know Verus Health Partners is truly in your corner.

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