Veteran Benefits

Transitioning from Active duty to the civilian sector can be challenging.  One challenge you have is your Health Insurance options.  Verus Health Partners can help you navigate through that process.  

This page will give you a peek into your options.

Veteran Benefits Support


When you comes time for you to separate, integrating your benefits into the private or public sector can be challenging.

Let’s start with a few questions:

  • Are you retiring?
  • Are you separating?
  • Are you medically discharged or awarded Tricare?
  • Are you a Reservist/National Guard?

So, lets get started. But lets get started with retirees, they are easy. 

Eligibility for Veteran Benefits

Those who server on active duty for a minima for 24 months likely qualifies for Veterans Benefits. The exception to this rule would be if you received a dishonorable discharge.

If you were discharged due to a service related injury, medical issue, disability, hardship, or “early out” scenerio, the minimum 24 months of service is not required to qualify. You also can qualify if you servers before Sept 7th, 1980.

Because there are other exceptions that can occur, the VA encourages all Veterans to apply. Verus Health Partners can help get you started and provide the necessary forms to submit.

Veteran Benefits Coverage

There is a lot of variation based on different factors unique to your situation that determines your coverage package.  Services can include:

  • Care to treat current injuries and sickness.
  • Preventative services.
  • Services to improve functionality.
  • Enhancements to quality of life.

Veterans receive coverage for most care and services, but some will qualify for added services such as dental care.  This added care can also vary depending on your situation, but also is impacted by:

  • Your Priority Group.
  • The recommendations of your VA primary care giver.
  • Existing medical conditions you have.

When you sign up for Veteran Health Benefits, it does currently meet your required level of coverage required for the Affordable Care Act mandate.

We can help you determine the right covereage

Enrolling in Veteran Benefits

Verus Health Partners is the preferred choice on the Space Coast for Veteran Benefits.  Our team of friendly and knowledgable agents will help guide you and assist in getting you the best coverage possible. We are Veteran owned and operated so you can trust us to help!

"Contact us today for a no obligation consultation about what you qualify for today. It would be our honor to serve you.
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Keith Giles

When to Apply for Veteran Benefits

Once you have recieved your discharge paperwork, you can apply for Veterans Benefits. If you were injured or disabled due to service, you can apply 90 days before you are discharged. This ensures you have the care you need when you separate from the military. When applying for VA Health Benefits, a decision is generally made in week from your application date regarding your coverage.
Veteran Benefits

Not Covered by Veteran Benefits

Veteran Benefits cover many services, but not everything a traditional health care plan might.  Further, Veteran Benefits will not cover treatments or procedures deemed to be purely elective.  These services will not be included in a VA medical benefits package:

  • Abortions and abortion counseling
  • Cosmetic surgery, unless it is concludes it is medically necessary (needed to prevent or treat a certain illness, injury, condition, disease, or symptoms)
    Gender alteration (gender reassignment surgery)
  • Health club or spa memberships
  • Medicines and medical devices that aren’t approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  There are two exceptions to this rule:  If you are in an approved clinical trial, or you are seriously ill and your VA health care provider prescribes a new, unapproved medicine because there are no other comparable treatment options (this is called a compassionate use or expanded access exemption)
  • Inpatient hospital or outpatient care if you’re a patient or inmate in a non-VA government agency institution, if that agency must provide the care or services by law

How Much are VA Benefits and Where Do I Get Care

The amount you pay for VA Benefits, if anything, is determined by several factors.  They can include  your income level, disability rating, and military service history. Generally speaking, most Veterans need to complete a financial assessment when they enroll. This helps the VA determine if you qualify for free coverage.

When enrolled in VA Health Benefits, you can received care at one of the 1,200 facilities located nationwide.  The VA is actually the largest integrated health care system in the country.  In 2018 the VA helped care for more than 9 million patients.