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We are a team of Researchers, Educators and Advocates.  Our dedicated agents come from all genres of business, from educators to corporate, from blue collar to white collar.  No matter what your health insurance needs are we can help.

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We can help you with any insurance need.

Guaranteed Issue Life &
Living Benefits Solution

A No Cost solution for your business but a huge benefit for your employees who don’t have to die to use it.  It is  portable, affordable. and can be used as a Long Term Benefit.    Your employees will love it.  

Business Consultant
Healthcare Consumer Education

We know one of your biggest ticket items in running a business or even as a sole proprietor is your Healthcare costs.  Teaching our clients to become a smart healthcare consumer can save them 10 to 40% in their healthcare costs annually.  Because there is always room for improvement.  

RX Solution

A good portion of our Health Benefits are spent on Prescriptions.  Municipalities, School Districts, State and local communities have all benefited from our Rx solution to combat the high cost of specialty, brand and generic medications.   

Veteran Tricare Supplement

A No Cost solution for your business but a huge benefit for your veterans who are on Tricare.  It is payroll deducted, pretax, and portable. Your veterans will love it and the  freedom to go anywhere for their healthcare. 

So you can focus on

We’ve been the partner to thousands of people like you with whom we’ve partnered to help build their secure financial futures – so you can focus on what’s important.

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If you are frustrated on the rising cost and limited access to quality healthcare  or just confused with the whole healthcare system our articles help guide you and unravel the complexity of the current system. 

“Our healthcare system is not the problem, it is the access to quality care.” 

Veteran Benefits Basics

Transitioning to civilian life can already be a challenge.  Whether you made it to full retirement or left after your initial obligation, or National Guard/Reservist, the  Healthcare options available to you can be mind boggling.  Even worst than that is the integration into the private sector health insurance industry.  

Medicare Basics

Understanding Medicare and the available options can be a very confusing process.  Verus Health Parters provides helpful information and free workshops to help you make the right choice.