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When you’re looking for quality health care to meet your needs, Verus Health Partners is here to help.

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Do you find yourself frustrated with the rising cost and limited access to quality healthcare? Are you perhaps confused with the overall healthcare system in this country? Verus Health Partners is here to help. We are a team of researchers, educators and advocates with diversified backgrounds. Our agents come from all types of business experiences; including educators, corporate and military.

Since Verus Health Partners conception; we have been the partner of choice for thousands of people just like you throughout Florida. We specialize in Medicare, VA benefits with Medicare options, Individual/family health care needs and group benefit choices. Call us today! 

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Verus Health Partners’ objective is to take advantage of industry trends and new technology to enable our clients to control costs and engage in smart consumerism. To this end, we employ professional and knowledgeable staff from all walks of life, offering personalized attention, one on one education, and a variety of choices that meets all your needs.

We not only offer products from all the best-known insurance companies, but also select products from lesser-known companies that you might find as suitable, but more affordable. Furthermore, we have a wide range of exclusive products which are not available through other agencies. These can offer better coverage, lower cost and easier participation requirements that give smaller employers access to programs that would otherwise not be possible to offer their employees.

No matter your health care and benefit needs, you can trust that Verus Health Partners is truly in your corner. Call now!

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Our Locations

Our Command Post is located just north of the Eau Gallie Arts District on the Indian River. Here is the address:

2425 Pineapple Avenue Suite 508
Melbourne FL 32935

Local: 321-421-7389

Fax: 321-610-3129

Our Florida Panhandle Forward Operating Base is located in Navarre, Florida.

FOB 1 Location: 1804 Prado St. Suite D, Navarre, Fl 32566

Local: 850-710-7196

Fax: 850-710-7196

Our Values

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Your satisfaction is our top priority

K & P Entities, LLC DBA Fictitious Name Verus Health Partners

We make sure to give you all the information you need in clear, jargon-free terms

K & P Entities, LLC DBA Fictitious Name Verus Health Partners

Your health benefits are too important to be speculative about.

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